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“Dear Mishu Dad – A little quirky, a little fun, a whole lot of info about influencer marketing. Teaches an Udemy course about it. His twitter feed is nearly 100% all influencer marketing, all the time. Check it out at @DearMishuDad” ~ grade.us

I use my platform to clarify the influencer marketing space for brands, agencies, bloggers and SMI (social media influencers). One of the ways I apply my knowledge is by advising brands and individuals on building their brand on social media and, particularly, their brand profiles. My thinking is based on 20 years of B2B and B2C marketing experience, hard data, and more recent work having created my own brand SMI (more on this later). This means that I often take a different, even contrarian, view than most mainstream perspectives.
Optimism: 10/10
Tolerance for B.S.: 1/10

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More about me:

Accent: I have an accent. It’s noticeable, it’s unique. No one knows where it comes from – no one! 🤷🏼‍♂️

Tennis: I used to be a good tennis player. I played 5 hours a day after school from ages 7 to 18. Tennis was my life and it taught me hard work, persistence, manners, and helped me deal to get out from under a difficult childhood and a family tragedy.

Startups: I was a founder of a just okay software startup in Silicon Valley. I lived and breathed California for years. No more! I now live in North Carolina, in a quieter but in many ways more creative atmosphere.

Influencers: One day I was looking for SMI for my own brand (I had an Amazon brand). I looked and looked, couldn’t find the right one! At that time the SMI marketing was in its early stages and I was intrigued (how many times does a new marketing sub-segment appear?)! So I decided to create my own SMI to support my brand and learn about the segment. It’s been so much fun and has also given me an opportunity to give back by creating a supportive online community.

Mishu - how can I cover my stress
Mishu gets questions about being stressed from humans, all week, all year, and she answers from a dog’s perspective – free, bold, wise…

Mishu: Mishu is my SMI character, based on my dog. Unlike most SMI dogs she doesn’t dress in cute clothes and act like a human. She’s all dog and brings the best of dogs to an Advice Column for humans! “Dear Mishu” helps people with their stress, friendships, love, loss, and even careers. Her main platforms are Instagram and Twitter. She’s become quite famous, and gets SMI requests monthly.

Speaking and Writing:

I share the fun and the knowledge* I am gaining through my blog, audio book, speaking engagements, and media appearances.
* Knowledge, based on experience and research (vs information based on what everyone else is saying)

DearMishuDad NG & Mishu
NG & Mishu in a recent pic


N.G., AKA #DearMishuDad

When you see a beautiful flower, 
stop and smell it, 
otherwise what's the point of life |  
#InfluencerMarketing | Dad of @DearMishu


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