Targeted ads are a privacy violation. But what about influencer endorsements?

No, not at all. Unlike targeted ads that are ‘pushed’ out to consumers, people opt in to influencer content by following their accounts. Influencers don’t import your info, collect your email address, or gather data on you. You see their content when you choose to. This makes influencer marketing much better than ads for privacy.

2020 Grads Engagement

Talk about engagement! I was taking my BFF Dear Mishu for a walk around Durham, NC, USA the other day and saw these signs… We’re under partial stay-at-home orders and schools are closed and students are stuck at home, scared, worried, and confused about what their normal has become. This is especially – I know … Continue reading 2020 Grads Engagement

“Hey friends, I’m looking for Instagram and Facebook influencers who have 2k+ followers who are willing to post ads on their social media pages…”

Asking an influencer to copy & paste an ad will not bring the results you’re looking for. Let them create something original, impactful, and amazing for you with great point of view!

Influencers posting blatant Ads: dumb waste of talent, or…not?

Until I saw my theory was: Influencers should write their sponsored posts in a natural, beautiful, down to earth style of presentation and talk. You know, like the folks, like us! I was preaching (via my blog, but not religiously) that Influencers should never just post an ad “as is”, because an Ad is … Continue reading Influencers posting blatant Ads: dumb waste of talent, or…not?

Mr. Franoza did very well with his Linkedin profile photo!

This is a fantastic Linkedin Background photo by Mr. Franoza. It’s not only a work of art but marketing-wise it’s art in and of itself – it generates curiosity, and so related to to what he does (sound/speaker engineering). Influencer Marketing 101, by Dear Mishu’s Dad

What is Influencer Marketing? Influencer marketing is a form of guerrilla marketing! And when we talk about marketing via social media influencers (SMI), we mean someone who: Owns a social media account (minimum 50 followers) on platforms such as on TikTok, Instagram, Linkedin and YouTube, and—very importantly— Uses it for amazing relationship building with their … Continue reading Influencer Marketing 101, by Dear Mishu’s Dad

Telling your Story via Emojis on your Profile

In the last BSMP* series article I explained how you can do YOUR** story-telling through your profile photos, extended name, update line, profile description, hashtags, URL, and influencers. Today I will show you another one, a minimalist, fun way to tell your story: emojis and special characters! First, look how beautiful telling your story via … Continue reading Telling your Story via Emojis on your Profile