Riverside engagement

2020 Grads Engagement

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Talk about engagement!

I was taking my BFF Dear Mishu for a walk around Durham, NC, USA the other day and saw these signs… We’re under partial stay-at-home orders and schools are closed and students are stuck at home, scared, worried, and confused about what their normal has become.

This is especially – I know it is with my son anyway – the case with those high schoolers that are graduating this year. No prom, no graduation parties, and no ceremonies. No rite of passage to signify moving on to the next stage of life…. they’re in an endless transition period.

So imagine my surprise when I passed a house with a 2020 grad living there and saw that:

Riverside engagement
Riverside style engagement

When I checked, I found out that Ms. Williams, the Principle of Riverside – one of Durham, North Carolina’s biggest high-schools – drove to each and each graduates; house and placed that sign right there out front.

This has so much significance and is such great engagement!!! She showed the students that she did not forget them! And she made their status as graduates something to celebrate, not just be confused about!

She also made it clear that they – not her and not the school – are the real heroes.

She also engaged and communicated that she cares. That’s a very high level of commitment, Ms. Williams, and I admire that.

If only commercial brands will take an example from High School principals. Imagine – for example – Bank of America were to do something similar with their customers?

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